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They appear under AppDataRoaming, in a folder named'com.vudu.air.Downloader'

What is the physical component where data are stored in a HDD?

Inside the HDD the data is stored in circular discs called Platters.This is made of Aluminium Substrate or Glass Substrate. Read More

How many Blu-ray movies can be stored on a 1Terabyte HDD?

If you download the movies by torrent, and they are about 6-7 GB per movie (1080p), then you do the math 1000/6.5, that makes about 154 blu-ray movies. But the disk size isn't the problem, the problem is the way of downloading that much espicially if your ISP has limited bandwidth. Read More

Can you download halo 3 heroic map pack on a usb flash drive?

No, it must be downloaded to your HDD from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Read More


What is the part of the operating systems stored on ROM.?

Operating system is not stored in ROM. It is stored in drives like HDD, SSD, Flash Drive or Optical Disk. When you boot, the OS kernel is loaded in RAM. Read More

After cutting the information in computer where it is stored temporarily?

It saves temporarily in the RAM, and when you save any information it goes to HDD. Read More

Where do you find virtual memory?

It is Memory temporary stored on your HDD, so if you don't have much space free you should find your computer slowing down. You can find it in your HDD (well just replacing it), otherwise its not physical Read More

What is the physical component where data is stored in a HDD?

The coating of magnetisable 'paint' on the surface of aluminium disks inside the drive mechanism. Read More

How do you differentiate a floppy drive data and IDE type data?

Not possible, the same data can be stored both on floppy and HDD. Read More

Is it possible to copy PS2 and PS1 game saved data from the PS3 hdd to the usb memory card adapter only?

No the USB port can not download anything from the games portion of the HDD. It was designed not to be allowed so that copyrighted information could not be downloaded and transferred to another console. Read More

How many movies can fit on a 1 tb hdd at 4.7 GB?

212 movies at 4.7 gb. 1000/4.7 (hard drive space in gb/movie size) Read More

The drive on your computer where information is stored?

The drive where your computer stores information permanently is known as a hard disk drive, or HDD for short. Read More

How much information can you store on a 1 TB hard drive?

If a movie occupies 4GB of HDD space, then in a 1TB HDD you could store about 256 such movies. 1 TB equals 1024 GB. Read More

Can hd DVD movies be watched in a playstation 3?

of course u can.. connect ur hdd to the ps3.. go to videos.. press the triangle button to view all... and play... but u shld have ur hdd in fat32 format... Read More

What is better PSP 3000 or PSP go?

The PSP Go is the better machine technically, but you can't use any UMD with it as all games have to be downloaded to the device..but it does have a 16Gb HDD built in Read More

Why hard disk is a magnetic disk?

the platters of a hard disk is stored on base of magnet that's why hdd is called as magnetic disk founded by avneet awasthi Read More

When something is deleted how is it deleted?

Here is it .... Every data stored in the hdd is addressed by pointer that points to the memory location of where the data is stored .. When u delete a particular data only the pointer pointing to the data is deleted.. The data remains in hdd in the same location.. When u store someother data in the harddisk and ur os decides it must be saved in the location were ur old data is… Read More

What storage device can hold the most information?

in general, a HDD or a tape casette. HDD tend to be used for normal computers and for servers, tape casettes tend to be used for the backup of servers (they're the things that you see spinning on computers in old fashioned movies The brain. Read More

Is it possible to swap PS3 hdd with PS3 slim hdd?

Yes, it is possible to swap HDDs between PS3 slims and PS3 fats. Simply remove the hard drive from both your PS3s and switch them. All your saved games, music, and movies should all be on your Slim PS3. Read More

Describe how data are stored in a computer?

It is usually written on a Hard Diskette Drive(HDD) and is written in a series of ones and zero's this information is then decoded by the operating system ( windows/Mac) Read More

What drive uses a type of memory that requires no power to maintain the data?

The HDD, or hard disc drive is one example of a drive that does not require power to hold its stored data. Read More

How would you use data in a sentence?

HDD, Compact Discs, Pendrives are used to store data, and data is all kind of digital informations that you can keep stored to open further. Read More

What is hdd speed?

Where is data stored when it is in virtual memory?

Where Does Vudu To Go Download Movies To

Virtual memory, when not active, is written to a swapping area. The swapping area is often on a designated area of the system HDD (hard drive), or a separate HDD. If faster storage is available, it may also be on a designated semiconductor storage facility such as an SSD, SD or USB flash drive. Read More

What are the examples of primary and secondary storage devices?

Can you copy playstation 2 and playstation 1 game saves to the physical memory card connected to the usb adapter from an internal memory card on your playstation 3?

No games must be saved from actually playing on that PS3 and into the memory card that you build into the PS3 hdd. You can not then download these into a USB port. Nothing from games HDD section can be downloaded to the USB port and used in another console. Read More

What are HDD measured in?

Can you use a dvr hdd as an external hdd?

The drives contained in a HDD DVD recorder are standard hard drives, though you will have to remove it from the recorder and reformat it. This will likely make it unusable in the DVDR HDD. Read More

How do you download videos from your Phillips pvr hdd to an external hdd?

What is function of hdd?

HDD is your computers storage space in basic words Read More

Is it safe to play xbox 360 without hdd?

It is perfectly fine to play an Xbox 360 without an HDD. In fact, Microsoft produces a cover for the area where you plug the HDD in just incase you choose not to use an HDD. Read More

How is all data stored in a computer?

it is stored on a ahrd drive (hdd) or a solid state drive (ssd) a hard drive has more storage in it (usually going up to 3 terabytes, or 3042gb) a solid state hard drive has less storage, but better read/write speds. Read More

Is a removable HDD hot swappable P.S. not an external HDD?

Is a 8 gb hdd faster than a 4 gb hdd?

Why do you have to be online to play Xbox 360 indie games?

Because, if you downloaded them and could play them offline you could hack into your HDD, get the files for the game, and put them online. Requiring internet access enables Microsoft to stop people from pirating Indie games. Read More

What is the meaning of buffering an operating system?

Refers to buffering:as reading and writing data from hdd takes long time.so to improve the speed for data processing the data next required by processor is stored is cache memory or CPU register.for e.g. to cut certain line from text file to copy into another file.cut data get stored in to buffer (CPU register) to get back stored into another file. Read More

Why is it important to backup data regularly?

One should backup data on a regular basis as a catastrophic failure of your primary storage medium could occur. In most computer systems, data is stored on a hard disk drive (HDD). Due to the mechanical stress endured by the HDD, the read head could scratch the surface of the sensitive platters, causing them to become unreadable. Read More

What is the function of HDD?

HDD stands for Hard drive disk. The HDD is what all your files are saved to. It a double sided disk that is build to be read at extremely high speeds. Read More

What is HDD used for?

HDD stands for Hard drive disk. The HDD is what all your files are saved to. It a double sided disk that is build to be read at extremely high speeds. Read More

What is a physical HDD?

HDD stands for Hard drive disk. The HDD is what all your files are saved to. It a double sided disk that is build to be read at extremely high speeds. Read More

Is a USB an external HDD?

Yes a USB is an External HDD, but it just depends on the size.... Read More

Where Does Vudu Download Movies

How do you upgrading hdd?

Connect new hdd and check for proper jumper connection. Configure both HDD to master and slave if they are connected using same IDE cable or if they both have different set of IDE cables, then just connect the HDD and provide power cable from SMPS.. Similar for SATA HDD Read More

Can you download playstation3 games to PS3 hdd?

Yes but its only for the internal one not usb hdd. Read More

Which display is best in mobile amoled or hdd?

What are the different methods to install an Operating System?

Usb, cd/dvd, network/download/, by Removing HDD (put HDD in secondary Slot in Another PC with its own HDD and Formet it). Read More

Whenever information stored on a flash drive is opened does the hard drive automatically store that information from the flash drive?

No If you open a doc from your flash drive in Word (for example) then it will be read into memory but will not be stored on the hard drive, unless you do Save As... and write it out to somewhere on C: (assuming your HDD is C:, most are) Read More

Why should you finish your hard disk maintenance with Disk Defragmenter?

Whenever you download lots of files ( or delete them for that matter ) the HDD is likely to get fragmented, which means files are not stored contiguously on the drive. As a result, each time you want to open that file, the HDD has to work even more to gather all the fragments and read it. This is called fragmentation and causes the system to slowdown. The solution is to defrag the HDD as… Read More

How do you remove the password from a laptop hard drive IBM T41 Hitachi hdd?

You remove the hdd from the laptop, write down the model number, phone your IT supplier but an identical hdd and fit it to your T41. Then recover using the recovery disk. Your old password'ed hdd is good to use as a paperweight. Read More

How do expand storage on a ps3?

At this time, the only way to increase the storage on your PS3 system is to purchase an internal HDD that will have to be manually installed. You can purchase external memory but only certain things can be stored on that such as wallpaper, music, and video content. Read More

What id HDD?

It's generally used as a storage device. HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. Read More

What is an hdd in a hp compaq?

hdd = hard drive disk ... don't know if that's what you wanted to know . Read More

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