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Why doesn't my Xbox 360 controller work at all?

The green light just keeps on flashing if I press the middle X-button on the controller, but it doesn't work in any game or in the Xbox -App.

Xbox 360 Controller Driver Reddit Download

Tried to delete the installation of the Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit from Device Manager, but all that happened was that my PC rebooted itself and nothing has appeared to change.



EDIT: Downloaded this as someone in a different Reddit thread said that the Windows 7 64-bit version works on Windows 10 also, and the software itself does work, but seems to fail to recognize my controller, so that didn't help either.

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Note The USB ports on the front of your computer may not be powered USB 2.0 ports. Try using one of the ports on the back of your computer.

Xbox 360 Controller Driver Reddit Windows 10

A green light on the receiver indicates that the unit is working.

  1. If the Add New Hardware Wizard starts automatically, select Install the software automatically (Recommended), and then select Next. If the wizard installs the software successfully, select Finish and then skip to Step 3: Connect the Xbox 360 wireless controller to your computer, below.

    If the wizard fails to install the software, continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Install the Xbox gaming receiver software

If you have the installation disc that came with your Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver, you can install the software from that disc. If you don’t have the disc, you can install the software by downloading it online.


Install using the installation CD:

  1. Insert the installation disc into the CD or DVD drive of your computer. If the setup program doesn’t automatically start, browse to your CD or DVD drive and run the setup program.
  2. Follow the steps to install the software.

    Note You might be prompted to restart your computer after the installation is complete.

Install by downloading the software:

  1. Go to the Software Downloads section of the Microsoft Hardware website.
  2. In the Search for download field, type 'Xbox' and select Gaming as the product type.
  3. Select Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows as the product (this is the software for the wireless gaming receiver).
  4. Select the version of Microsoft Windows you’re using on your computer, select your operating system language, and then select Download.
  5. Select Run.
  6. The Xbox 360 Accessories setup program installs the necessary files to your computer.

    Note You might be prompted to restart your computer after the installation is complete.

Step 3: Connect the Xbox 360 wireless controller to your computer

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Driver

  1. Turn on the Xbox 360 wireless controller by pressing and holding the Guide button .
  2. On the receiver, press the connect button, which is a circular button located near the middle of the receiver. The light will flash green.
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