I have downloaded and installed the Xbox One Controller drivers from Xbox themselves. However, same thing. Not showing up anywhere. Dec 26, 2015  I got a new Xbox One controller over the weekend and decided to use it on my PC for some of my PC games and emulation as well. However, it simply does not work. It was listed in Device Manager, so I decided to right click and uninstall all the controller drivers from the Device Manager hoping it would reinstall them and work properly.

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Xbox Controller Driver Wont Show On Device Manager Mac


Xbox Controller Driver Wont Show On Device Manager Windows 7

Wired Xbox 360 Controller Not Showing In Device Manager

This is on Windows 10. I've tried everything I can think of. Here is a rundown of what I've tried so far to show you that I've tried all the usual solutions provided in other threads that I'm aware of. I spent the last two hours searching and had to deal with this problem already on Windows 7 a couple years ago, so this is my last resort. All of the old solutions did not work for me so far. When I plug it in the only thing that happens is the light on the controll flashes all four lights until it is unplugged again. I have looked in Add Printers And Devices. No entry shows up. Nothing changes at all. There is no unknown device. No known device. Nothing changes whatsoever.

I've selected 'show hidden' and looked through every item in the Device Manager. Every single one, top to bottom. I've unplugged the controller as well just to see if anything disappears or shows up again. No changes whatsoever. I don't see any devices with a caution symbol or anything. I even tried randomly uninstalling some of the generic USB input devices just to see what they were, only succeeded in disabling my mouse and trackball. (Note: I didn't uninstall and reinstall EVERY input driver as I didn't want to accidentally totally bork EVERYTHING!)

I tried adding the drivers manually via 'add legacy device drivers' and it simply gave me an error due to unspecified device. I also made sure that automatic driver installation and updates was turned on. I tried it in 5 different USB ports including both USB 2.0 & 3.0 with no change at all.


This same exact controller worked just fine earlier yesterday on the xbox and worked before on my old computer running with good ol' Windows 7.

Edit: Okay, this is really infuriating and sorry this solution won't likely help anyone who has the same problem. I plugged in my old arcade stick (forgot about it to be honest). It was instantly recognized and created an entry in Device Manager. I unplugged it and immediately plugged in the 360 controller which suddenly decided to work and was recognized by the driver. Great, mission accomplished.

Xbox Controller Driver Wont Show On Device Manager Pc

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