I (Kyle) have been writing for over 7+ years and have been freelancing full time for a while now. Every once in awhile, I will see an ad on Instagram from an individual claiming that they can teach you how to become a full-time copywriter in less than 90 days.

Ads like this, promise and make you believe that buying their course will result in you being able to ditch your boring cubicle and work on the beach whenever you want. Spoiler alert: You can’t see your laptop screen on the beach.

I point this out because someone along the way created this idea that being an entrepreneur or full-time freelancer was somehow “easier” than working in an office. These same people are selling the notion that by simply buying a course, you will transform your lifestyle overnight. I’m sorry to say that none of this is true.

Leaving your full-time job to work for yourself is very exciting but also challenging. If you don’t hustle, you won’t get paid. If you spend a week on a beach, no one is paying you vacation time for that. Freelancing means applying to gigs, taking phone calls, and doing research. It also means applying your craft year after year to get better, improve your reputation, and slowly (or hopefully, quickly) make more money.

Your lifestyle doesn’t change because you “declare” you are now an entrepreneur, or you buy a course that “gives you all the tools.” It’s a long journey that is usually toughest at the beginning. If that course you are looking at was actually that good, the ad would be highlighting real benefits, not making lofty (often false) promises.